The Pennsylvania Avenue Initiative is beginning!

The National Capital Planning Commission, the General Services Administration, and the National Park Service are launching the Pennsylvania Avenue Initiative, in coordination with other federal and District agencies with interests in the Avenue. The Initiative will study the near- and long-term needs of the Avenue and surrounding neighborhoods, identify a governance framework, and develop a vision for how the Avenue can meet local and national needs in a 21st century capital city.

Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC is one of the most historic thoroughfares of the world, physically and symbolically connecting the U.S. Capitol with the White House. The Avenue serves as a ceremonial promenade, a place for citizens to exercise their right to free speech, and a lively downtown event space. A major redevelopment effort from the 1970's to the 1990's shaped the design and character of the street and surrounding neighborhood. Today's Avenue shows wear and tear from increased event use, has aging infrastructure and does not address jurisdictional challenges.