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SW Ecodistrict
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Planning Steps and Public Process

APA National Capital Area Innovative Smart Growth Award Winner The APA National Capital Area Chapter recognized the SW Ecodistrict with its Innovative Smart Growth Initiative Award in 2012.

The SW Ecodistrict Initiative

The SW Ecodistrict Initiative is a comprehensive effort to transform a 15-block federal precinct just south of the National Mall into a showcase of sustainable urban development. In addition to accommodating the future space needs of the federal government, the Ecodistrict will extend the civic qualities of the National Mall, create new places to live, and promote a vibrant, open, and walkable neighborhood and workplace. The Initiative involves 17 federal and district agencies and is being led by the National Capital Planning Commission.


  • A revitalized neighborhood and cultural destination
  • A well-connected community
  • A high performance environmental showcase
  • An economically successful partnership

The SW Ecodistrict Plan

The SW Ecodistrict Plan provides a roadmap to prioritize and phase projects to realize core objectives:

  • Reduce carbon emissions, conserve resources, and reduce operating costs;
  • Protect the National Mall from overuse and expand the number of cultural opportunities beyond the Mall;
  • Establish a diverse mix of uses, including cultural, housing, retail and open space;
  • Remove visual and physical barriers between the National Mall and waterfront;
  • Improve walkability and animate streets;
  • Expand transit capacity; and
  • Use limited financial resources effectively to improve buildings and infrastructure.

The National Capital Planning Commission accepted the SW Ecodistrict Plan at the January 10, 2013 meeting.

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Maryland Avenue, SW Small Area Plan

A component of the SW Ecodistrict Initiative is the Maryland Avenue, SW Small Area Plan. The District of Columbia Office of Planning (DCOP) prepared the Maryland Avenue, SW Small Area Plan with input from the public and an Advisory Committee of private property owners, transit and rail operators, and nearby residents. The plan focuses on how to deck Maryland Avenue within the Ecodistrict, improve land use through zoning changes, improve transit capacity and enhance the public spaces along the corridor. For more information on the Maryland Avenue, SW Small Area Plan, visit DCOP’s website.

The Study Area

Map of study area

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