April 7, 2005

Lincoln Memorial – Security Barrier System
(File Number 6265)

The Commission approved revised concept plans for installing bollards at the inner edge of the circle near the base of the Lincoln Memorial stairs and for extending the retaining walls towards the ramps. This new security system will provide a barrier against possible vehicular attacks on the memorial. The Commission recommended that, as the National Park Service further develops the concept, it should provide information on the design and spacing of the bollard, the placement of the bollard line in relation to the curb edge and the plinths, and the pavement material and layout planned for Memorial Circle.

See the Commission Action and Staff Recommendation

Takoma Neighborhood - Commercial Zoning Overlay
(File Number Z.C. 04-16)

The Commission concluded that the Takoma Neighborhood Commercial Overlay and related map amendment would not adversely affect the identified federal interests and would be consistent with the Comprehensive Plan for the National Capital: Federal Elements. The overlay will implement guidelines and standards for revitalization related to historic preservation, market economics, land use, urban design, and transportation, as envisioned in the Takoma Central District Plan of 2002. The overlay district will encourage a mix of retail and residential uses that revitalize the area’s economy and create a lively environment.

See the Commission Action and Staff Recommendation

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