September 9, 2004

National Air and Space Museum – Perimeter Security
(File Number 6423/6492)

With the exception of the design of exhibit component, the Commission approved the National Air and Space Museum’s security proposal to reuse and harden terrace planters that already surround the building perimeter, and to protect building entrances and other access locations with stainless steel bollards and four-foot by four-foot granite walls. The Museum envisioned topping these granite structures with sculptural elements that relate to museum exhibits. Because this aspect of the proposal has not yet been fully designed, the Commission accepted it from approval and delegated NCPC’s executive director to approve the final design plans for the exhibit plinths. Other changes that visitors will notice in the museum area will include two new accessible entrance ramps and two new guard booths near the east garage entrance. The National Air and Space Museum’s proposal is the first to be undertaken as part of the Smithsonian Institution’s Mall-wide security program, which was guided by NCPC’s National Capital Urban Design and Security Plan.

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E. Barrett Prettyman Courthouse Annex – Perimeter Security
(File Number 5853)

At the rotunda of the Prettyman Courthouse, the Commission approved the concept of providing perimeter security within two feet of the curb, but requested that the applicant develop an alternate scheme that utilizes street trees and fewer bollards. The submitted design included a combination of bollards and post and rail fences in conjunction with planters containing seasonally blooming plants. The bollard and fence elements would be finished to match the Washington Globe light fixtures used on the site. Earlier this year, the Commission approved a security solution for the 3rd Street and C Street sections of the new courthouse, but was not satisfied with the treatment surrounding the rotunda.

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Rock Creek Park – Antennas
(File Number 5856)

The Commission approved, for a period not to exceed five years, a renewal application for preliminary and final site and building plans for wireless telecommunications facilities at the maintenance yard and at the Fitzgerald Tennis Center in Rock Creek Park. Prior to requesting additional extensions, NCPC requires that the National Park Service complete both a telecommunications plan and a study and monitoring program for migratory birds. A status paper and schedule of these plans and studies must be submitted to NCPC within one year. The Commission recommended that the National Park Service seek a partnership that will help to ensure the involvement of telecommunication carriers.

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Federal Capital Improvements Program for the National Capital Region, Fiscal Years 2005-2010
(File Number 1485)

The Commission adopted the Federal Capital Improvements Program (FCIP) for fiscal years 2005-2010. This program contains 214 proposed projects. Of these, the Commission has recommended 175 for funding and has suggested that the remaining 39 projects be considered for future programming. The total cost of the 175 recommended projects is estimated at $9.3 billion. As a result of improvements made by NCPC and the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) in the preparation of the FCIP, the document has become a more valuable tool for both agencies. OMB uses NCPC’s recommendations as guidance for budgetary decisions; and NCPC uses the FCIP to coordinate federal projects with state and local governments.

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Consent Calendar: The Commission voted on Consent Calendar items without staff presentations or public testimony.

Delegated Decisions: Projects for which the Commission delegated decision-making authority to the Chairman, Executive Committee, or Executive Director.