July 8, 2004

Consent Calendar
The Commission voted on Consent Calendar items without staff presentations or public testimony.

MP04/6486 - Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Main Campus, 14th and Dahlia Streets, NW, Washington, DC – Master Plan Modification and Vehicular Entrance Security Upgrades

Commission Action Staff Recommendation

6383- Georgetown Waterfront Park, 31st Street, NW, Washington, DC – Wisconsin Avenue Terminus

Commission Action Staff Recommendation

6489 - The Naval Annex, Arlington County, Virginia – Installation of Monopole and Rod Antenna

Commission Action Staff Recommndation

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Projects for which the Commission delegated decision-making authority to the Chairman or Executive Director.

6432: Final site development plans to construct a new pedestrian walkway, the Flowering Tree Walk, at the National Arboretum.

6484: Preliminary and final site and building plans to install signage and construct a terrace staircase at the Postal Square Building.

6485: Preliminary site development plans to provide temporary emergency security barriers at the Wilbur J. Cohen Building.

6474: Proposed closing of Patricia Roberts Harris Drive, NE, bounded by 31st Place and Fort Lincoln Drive, NE.

6475: Proposed closing of a portion of 45th Street, NE, adjacent to Square 5138 and dedication of land for street purposes in Squares 5138 and 5139.

6478: Comment favorably on proposed closing of a dead-end portion of Davenport Street, NW, west of 42nd St, NW.

Z.C. 04-01: Proposed Consolidated Planned Unit Development and related Map Amendment to zone currently unzoned land owned by American Pharmacists Association in Square 62.

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