December 2, 2004

National Law Enforcement Museum Entrance Pavilions Plaza
(File Number 6321)

A new museum honoring the service and sacrifice of American law enforcement officers is moving forward near the existing National Law Enforcement Memorial at Judiciary Square in Northwest Washington, D.C. In its review of this project, the Commission approved revised design concept plans for two entrance pavilions that will provide access to an underground museum; however, the Commission did not approve the proposed plaza design, ramps leading to the Old D.C. Courthouse entry plaza, or curb location and drop-off areas.

In response to previous recommendations by the Commission, the architect refined the pavilion design, maximizing its transparency through the use of glass vaulted roofs, glass walls, glass railings within the lobby, and translucent glazing materials. Each pavilion, which will comprise approximately 4,000 square feet and rise to 25 feet at its highest point, will provide access to the lower level facility containing exhibits, a hall of remembrance, collections storage, a gift shop, administrative offices, support space, restrooms, and mechanical equipment.

As the design evolves, the Commission asked that the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund continue to coordinate with the D.C. Courts, the D.C. Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department, the U.S. Court of Military Appeals, and adjacent property owners.

See the Commission Action and Staff Recommendation

U.S. Department of State Perimeter Security Improvements
(File Number 6541)

Using NCPC’s National Capital Urban Design and Security Plan as a guide, the Department of State developed an exemplary perimeter security plan for the Harry S Truman Building in Northwest Washington, D.C. The Commission approved the department’s design concept plans at its December meeting.

As part of its proposal, the Department of State will widen the sidewalks along 21st and 23rd Streets, adding street trees and amenities that will transform the sidewalk into a pedestrian friendly environment. New benches, light fixtures, flagpoles, and other elements will be integrated into the streetscape along with a hardened rail and bollard component.

The Department will install pavilions at its five building entrances to oversee employee entry, visitor screening, and ceremonial entry for dignitaries. To ensure compatibility with the Truman Building, the new pavilions will use architectural elements that are featured in the existing structure.

The Commission provided the Department of State with further guidance as it continues to refine its security plans, but generally commended the Department for its cohesive use of perimeter security elements and its attention to improving the streetscape.

See the Commission Action and Staff Recommendation

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