Complete Catalog

Overview Brochure
NCPC’s most recent projects and activities (2009) >>

Comprehensive Plan for the National Capital: Federal Elements
Planning policies and guidelines for the National Capital Region
(2004; 208 pp. in multiple sections)

Federal Capital Improvements Program
Annual report on public works projects proposed by federal agencies over the coming six years (2010: 197 pp.) >>
(2009: 158 pp.) >>

Vision Plans & Blueprints

Monumental Core Framework Plan
Creating a livable, sustainable city by alleviating pressure on the National Mall and invigorating surrounding federal districts (2009; 85 pp. in multiple parts)

Planning Together for Central Washington Brochure
Common objectives and complementary features of 4 federal and District plans for central Washington, DC (2008) >>

Washington’s Waterfronts
Assesses development potential of Washington’s waterfronts and recommends projects for further planning (1999; 25 pp.)

Memorials and Museums Master Plan
Identifies future memorial and museum sites and provides guidelines for their location
(2001 with 2006 update; 169 pp. in multiple sections with brochure)

Extending the Legacy: Planning America's Capital for the 21st Century 
A long-range vision to drive federal investment in memorials, museums, and public buildings into all quarters of the city (1997; 66 pp. in multiple sections with brochure)

CapitalSpace Plan
Federal/District initiative to improve planning and maintenance of the capital's parks and open spaces (April 2010; 105 pp) >>
CapitalSpace Brochure (2008; 12 pp.)


National Capital Urban Design and Security Plan
Best practices for designing security elements that do not compromise the appearance of the built environment (2002 with 2004 & 2005 updates; 89 pp. with brochure)

Designing and Testing of Perimeter Security Elements
Guidance for using and testing new technologies in perimeter security (2005; 15 pp.) >>

Pennsylvania Avenue at the White House
Full-color before/after look at a successful perimeter security redesign (2004; 4 pp.) >>

Report by the Interagency Security Task Force
Establishes parameters for subsequent Urban Design & Security Plan (October 2001; 39 pp.) >>


Implementing a Successful TMP
Handbook for federal agencies with guidelines for preparation of a Transportation Management Program (2008; 62 pp.) >>

Freight Railroad Realignment Feasibility Study
Cost/benefit analysis of relocating existing freight rail lines away from the capital's monumental core (2007; 104 pp. in multiple sections with brochure)

D.C. Tour Bus Management Initiative
Ideas for redesigning tour bus operations to improve traffic conditions, environmental quality, and the visitor experience (2003; 102 pp.) >>

New York Avenue/Florida Avenue Charrette Report
Intersection redesign to improve traffic flow and encourage pedestrian-friendly development (2006; 22 pp.) >>

A New Way on K Street
Explores how to to improve the urban design and traffic flow of K Street, NW (2004; 25 pp.) >>

Reports and Studies

Activating Federal Places
Ideas for making federal buildings and spaces more publicly accessible and integrating them with local economies (2009; 15 pp.) >>

Federal Triangle Heritage Trail Assessment Study
Proposed routes, topics, implementation timeline, and budget for self-guided interpretive walk through historic Federal Triangle (2010; 47 pp.) >>

Federal Triangle Stormwater Drainage Study
Identifies and evaluates potential improvements to the sewer system to reduce the risk of flooding due to interior rains in the Federal Triangle area.

Flooding and Stormwater in Washington, D.C.
Assesses impact of stormwater & overbank flooding on federal operations and outlines a course of action (2008; 36 pp.) >>

North Capitol Street Cloverleaf Feasibility Study
Alternatives for conversion of underused intersection into a park, commercial development, and multi-modal transit hub (2009; 67 pp.) >>

RFK Stadium Site Study
Alternative concepts for reconfiguration of this prime site (2006; 15 pp.) >>

South Capitol Street Urban Design Study
Planning strategies and proposed scenarios for revitalizing the South Capitol Street Corridor and Southeast Waterfront (2003; 100 pp. in multiple sections with 2005 update)

The Impact of Federal Procurement on the National Capital Region
NCPC-commissioned study of the economic impact of changing patterns in federal procurement (2002; 49 pp. + Executive Summary)

Foreign Missions & International Organizations

Significance of Washington’s international presence and its related planning challenges (2002; 4 pp.) >>

Future Location Analysis
Identifies opportunities to accommodate chancery growth (2003; 17 pp.) >>

Economic and Fiscal Impact Study
Impact of the international presence on the National Capital Region's economy (2002; 20 pp.) >>

International--Capitals Alliance

Capitals Alliance 2008: Greening the World's Capital Cities
NCPC's sustainability conference summary—highlights, proceedings, policy recommendations & delegate bios (2008; 92 pp.) >>

Capitals Alliance: Highlights of 2003 Capitals Alliance Meeting
Recap of exchanges among officials from 10 international capital cities (12 pp.) >>

Agency Regulatory & Compliance

NCPC Plan for Operations in the Absence of Appropriations >>

Language Access Policy and Plan (2012) >>

Reasonable Accomodation Policy (2012) >>

Performance & Budget

Fiscal Year 2015 Justification for Appropriation >>

Fiscal Year 2014 Justification for Appropriation>>

Fiscal Year 2013 Justification for Appropriation>>

NCPC Strategic Plan, FYs 2009-2014
NCPC's vision, mission, and performance targets for the coming years (2008; 36 pp.) >>

Performance and Accountability Report, FY 2013 >>

Performance and Accountability Report, FY 2012 >>

Performance and Accountability Report, FY 2011 >>

Performance and Accountability Report, FY 2010 >>

Performance and Accountability Report, FY 2009 >>

Performance and Accountability Report, FY 2008 >>

Performance and Accountability Report, FY 2007 >>