Annual Reports

NCPC’s Annual Reports highlight the agency's major initiatives, review significant projects, and offer a preview of the year ahead.

2013: Year in Review [PDF 3.1MB]

2012: Year in Review [PDF 6.0MB]

2011: Year in Review [PDF 4.14MB]

2010: Achieving Balance: Serving the Nation's Capital and a Dynamic Living City [PDF 2.7MB]

2009: Building Connections: Meeting the Challenges of a Changing Region [PDF 5.6MB]

2008: Toward a Sustainable Future
[PDF 5.8MB]

2007: A Course for Change [PDF 4.1MB]

2006: Building a Framework for Tomorrow [PDF 3.9MB]

2005: Shaping a City for the 21st Century [PDF 1.4MB]

2004: Fulfilling the Legacy [PDF 3.3MB]

We have a limited quantity of bound copies available. Please contact us to obtain one.