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Recent Releases

Comprehensive Landscape Plan 1976 Comprehensive Landscape Plan
A 1976 reprinting of the 1967 Commission report seeking to define a method for developing a comprehensive landscape plan for Washington DC, with a special emphasis on the L'Enfant City area.
Cover of 2013 Annual Report 2013 Year in Review
An overview of the major milestones the agency has acheived during the past year.
Cover of SW Ecodistrict Plan SW Ecodistrict Plan
A comprehensive effort to transform a 15-block federal precinct just south of the National Mall into a showcase of sustainable urban development.
Cover of 2012 Annual Report 2012 Year in Review
An overview of the major milestones the agency has acheived during the past year.
Cover of Memorial Trends and Practice Report Memorial Trends and Practice in Washington, DC
This joint research report provides context about the current commemorative planning process.
Cover of 2012-2017 FCIP Federal Capital Improvements Program

NCPC's annual review of federal capital budgeting proposals for projects slated for the next 6 years.
Cover of 2010 Annual Report CapitalSpace Progress Report
An update on the work of the partner agencies in implementing the six big ideas of the CapitalSpace Plan. 
Cover of 2010 Annual Report

Federal Triangle Stormwater Drainage Study
Companion Report (October 2011)

See also:
Study Executive Summary (July 2011)
Full Study (July 2011)

Most Requested

Download Framework Plan Monumental Core Framework Plan
Guidelines for creating a livable, sustainable city center by alleviating pressure on the National Mall and invigorating the federal districts around it
Download Comp Plan Comprehensive Plan for the National Capital: Federal Elements
Planning policies and guidelines for the National Capital Region
Download 2M Plan
Memorials and Museums Master Plan

Identifies sites for future memorials and museums and provides guidelines for their location
Download Legacy Plan
Extending the Legacy:
Planning America’s Capital for
the 21st Century

A vision for harnessing federal investment to unlock development potential throughout the capital city
Download Flooding Report
Flooding and Stormwater in
Washington, DC

Identifies sources of flooding in the capital city, assesses the risk to federal operations, and outlines a course of action

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