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Public Comment Policies

Plan & Project Review

The procedures for public participation in plan and project review are set forth in NCPC’s Revised Procedures for Public Participation and in a subsequent amendment. Oopportunities for public participation are also referenced in NCPC's Submission Guidelines for Site Plans & Development Projects (Section 5. I) and Master Plans (Section 5. I & 5. J).

Federal Capital Improvements Program

NCPC provides a 45-day public comment period for the annual draft Federal Capital Improvements Program (FCIP).

Federal agencies submit information to the FCIP and have review opportunities as noted in the Instructions for the Submission of Federal Capital Improvement Programs, FYs 2010-2015 in Section III. B, Schedule for Submission of Capital Programs.

Environmental and Historic Preservation

NCPC's Environmental and Historic Preservation Policies and Procedures describe the opportunities for public participation when NCPC develops an Environmental Assessment (EA) or Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), or for historic preservation matters. In implementing Environmental Review procedures, NCPC may rely on an EA or EIS developed by a submitting agency. In such instances, NCPC will post the submitting agency’s EA or draft EIS on the NCPC website.

NCPC is often a Cooperating Agency in the Environmental Assessment or EIS process of applicant agencies. Interested members of the public should look at applicant agency websites to find scoping and related documents and to participate in the development of these Environmental Assessments and Environmental Impact Statements.  

For Historic Preservation matters, see the public participation policy at Section 7. C. NCPC consults with applicant agencies to ensure that likely affected individuals and groups are included in consultation. Any member of the public interested in a particular project, or in receiving notification about the Section 106 process for a project should contact NCPC. NCPC is guided in its approach to public participation by the Public Participation regulations of the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, 36 CFR 800.2.

Special Projects and Planning Initiatives

NCPC undertakes a number of important planning initiatives that provide opportunities for public consultation and input as the plans develop. Opportunities for public participation in these planning initiatives are posted on this website. NCPC also advises the public through its monthly Tentative Agenda distribution, E-Newsletters, and special mailings.


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