January 9, 2014

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Old Post Office Building Redevelopment
(File number 7459)

The National Capital Planning Commission (NCPC) approved final site and building plans for redevelopment of the Old Post Office Building and Pavilion Annex into a luxury hotel and conference center. The final plans, submitted by the General Services Administration, primarily addressed exterior signage, lighting, facade, and public space design.

Currently the building's lower level houses a food court and retail, while its upper levels host various federal agencies. Trump Old Post Office LLC's plans call for converting the space into a 502,000 square feet luxury hotel and conference facility with approximately 270 hotel rooms and suites, restaurants, a spa, meeting and banquet facilities, retail, and museum space.

While the Pennsylvania Avenue entrance will serve as the primary entrance to a new Trump International Hotel, the C Street entrance will function as the main public entryway to proposed retail, museum space, and access to the Old Post Office clock tower. The building's annex, constructed in the 1990's, will be converted into an 86,000 square foot conference center and ballroom. New exterior signage, sensitive to the historic building and setting, will identify the hotel as well as provide retail and wayfinding information. In addition, a new lighting scheme that is compatible with the historic surroundings will highlight the building's architectural features.

Commissioners expressed their strong support for the positive benefits this project will bring to the vitality of Pennsylvania Avenue, and complemented the project team on their sensitive approaches to this historic building.

This is NCPC's final action on the project. The target date for opening is early 2016.

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10th Street, SW and Interim Banneker Connection Concepts
(File number 7551)

NCPC provided favorable comments on near-and long-term concept plans for 10th Street, SW and the Interim Banneker Connection. These plans will help advance goals of the SW Ecodistrict, which include establishing 10th Street, SW as a walkable, vibrant mixed-use cultural corridor. The Commission directed that these concepts be used to guide future planning projects and development proposals in the area.

The concepts will transform the half-mile long 10th Street, SW into an urban garden promenade linking the National Mall and the waterfront. Proposals call for several near-term enhancements including street art, improved lighting, crosswalks, bike lanes, and festival programs.

Longer term goals call for maintaining the street's 150-foot width but reconfiguring it for one lane of traffic in each direction with bicycle lanes that allow for wider sidewalks and medians, more landscaping, and attractive public spaces. Reconfiguration of the center median and roadways will create new space for festivals. Cisterns could be added under 10th Street to collect stormwater, which along with new bio-swales, would be used to collect and treat water for reuse.

The opportunity to implement these concepts will occur in phases as major redevelopment projects are implemented in the corridor.

The plans also call for an interim pedestrian connection linking Banneker Park with the Southwest Waterfront. This would be achieved by adding terraced steps and landscaping along the park's west side, and making improvements to the existing crosswalks and path along the east side.

This interim connection concept will be sent to the National Park Service, which will further refine the proposed design and lead the environmental and historic review process. Funding for this project will be provided by PN Hoffman, developer of The Wharf project on the Southwest Waterfront. The connection will be built in conjunction with that project’s first phase.

See Commission Action and Recommendation

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