July 11, 2013

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Department of Commerce, Herbert Hoover Building
(File number 7355)

NCPC approved preliminary and final site development plans submitted by the General Services Administration for the Herbert C. Hoover Building, headquarters of the Department of Commerce. These plans will improve the quality of the pedestrian environment while enhancing building security and providing Low Impact Development features for the capture, retention, and use of storm water. In its approval NCPC noted that if concept designs for the National Aquarium are reintroduced, then the project design would need to be submitted for NCPC preliminary and final design review.

Public amenities to be added include a series of seating areas within the building yard along 14th and 15th Streets; bicycle racks at the north and south ends of 14th Street; raised planter beds located throughout the building’s property; and additional street trees. Proposed security elements include a security wall, cable rail fence, black bollards at the building’s pedestrian entrances, and pop-up vehicular barriers at driveways.

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Old Post Office Building Redevelopment
(File number 7459)

NCPC approved preliminary site and building plans for redevelopment of the Old Post Office Building and Pavilion Annex into a luxury hotel and conference center. Plans were submitted by the General Services Administration (GSA) for the historic building located on Pennsylvania Avenue in downtown Washington.

In its approval NCPC requested that GSA and Trump Old Post Office LLC, the preferred selected developer, continue refining design of proposed exterior signage to ensure that they are appropriately scaled and oriented to the setting. NCPC also required that the transfer of jurisdiction for a driveway in the former 11th Street right-of-way be submitted to the agency with, or prior to, final site and building plans. The Commission anticipates seeing final plans this fall.

The building’s lower level currently houses a food court and retail, while its upper levels host various federal agencies. Trump’s plans would replace these uses with approximately 267 guest rooms and suites, several restaurants, a spa, meeting/banquet facilities, retail, a gift shop, and museum space located in 502,000 sq. ft. The target date for opening is early 2016. The Clock Tower will remain open to the public during and after construction. Staff of the National Park Service will continue to provide tours and interpretation.

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Intelligence Community Campus-Bethesda Centrum Project
(File number 7326)

NCPC approved final site and building plans for the Centrum project, the first part of the Intelligence Community Campus-Bethesda (ICC-B) South Campus redevelopment, noting that the Corps continues to work with interested and affected agencies and the public regarding existing offsite stormwater erosion and sedimentation damage. The four-story, 220,000 gross sq. ft. Centrum will tie together three existing campus buildings into one interconnected complex and provide office space and shared campus amenities.

The entire ICC-B campus is approximately 30 acres and is being built out by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which submitted the Centrum project plans. Once complete the campus will host 17 agencies that comprise the U.S. Intelligence Community. The ICC-B North Campus is currently under construction.

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Arlington National Cemetery Millennium Project
(File number 7457)

NCPC approved preliminary and final site and building plans for the Millennium Project at Arlington National Cemetery. This 27-acre expansion project, which will provide space for casket interments as well as in-ground inurement and above-ground columbarium space for cremated remains, will allow the cemetery to accommodate the demand for burial space for approximately 12 years. The project submitted by the Department of the Army includes a total of 27,242 burial sites as well as two shelters for committal ceremonies, a new perimeter wall, an access road, an improved stormwater management system, and 1,700 linear feet of stream restoration.

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Information Presentation: Update on the Congressionally Requested Height Master Plan Study
(File number 6886)

The Commission heard an update on the status of the Height Master Plan study requested by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

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Information Presentation: Momentum - Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority's Strategic Plan
(File number 7451)

A representative from the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) updated the Commission on Momentum, WMATA’s strategic plan for enhancing bus and rail service between now and 2025. NCPC will review Momentum at its September 12 meeting. NCPC does not take any actions on information presentations.

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