January 10, 2013

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SW Ecodistrict Plan
(File number 7003)

The National Capital Planning Commission (NCPC) accepted the SW Ecodistrict Plan. The plan proposes to transform a 15-block predominantly federal precinct located just south of the National Mall into a highly sustainable, walkable neighborhood and workplace that connects the National Mall with Washington's southwest waterfront, and becomes a national showcase of sustainable urban development and the site for major new museums, memorials, and events.

The SW Ecodistrict Plan is based on the idea that planning, implementing, and operating at a neighborhood (or district) scale results in increased environmental and economic benefits than a traditional building by building approach. The plan proposes a development scenario where projects can be prioritized and implemented over a 20 year period as they become economically viable and align with federal and local investment priorities.

Following the Commission's action, NCPC will utilize the plan when evaluating and making recommendations for development proposals in the SW Ecodistrict, as well as use it to guide input on federal, local, and private planning studies and reports prepared for the area. While not formally applicable to District or privately-owned land, representatives are looking at ways to incorporate the plan's concepts into their own projects.

Additional information, including a release focused exclusively on this action, are available at http://www.ncpc.gov/swecodistrict/media.

See Commission Action, Recommendation, Press Release, and Plan

Map Amendment to Establish Zoning at Old Post Office
(File number Z.C. 12-07)

In its second action the Commission advised the Zoning Commission of the District of Columbia on a proposed zoning map and text amendment for the Old Post Office and Pavilion Annex located at 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW. The Zoning Commission referred the map and text amendment which will establish zoning on the site (Square 323 Lot 800, and Parcels 1, 2, and 3 of Squares 349 and 350).

In its comments NCPC said that the proposed zoning amendment would not adversely affect the federal interest. The Commission also noted that while the General Services Administration plans to redevelop the Old Post Office and Pavilion Annex through a public-private partnership with Trump Old Post Office LLC, the buildings and the property on which they sit will remain federally owned and under federal jurisdiction. Thus, GSA's planned redevelopment of the Old Post Office and Pavilion Annex will remain subject to NCPC's review authority over federal projects in the District of Columbia.

See Commission Action and Recommendation

Information Presentation:
Climate Adaptation Planning: Emerging Trends and Applications for Washington, DC
(File number 7634)

Staff updated the Commission on NCPC's climate adaptation-related work, followed by a presentation by Mr. Kim Toufectis and Dr. Cynthia Rosenzweig on NASA's work in the emerging field of climate adaptation planning.

See Info Sheet, NCPC presentation PowerPoint, NASA presentation PowerPoint

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