April 4, 2013

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National Law Enforcement Museum
(File number 6321)

Following a request from the National Park Service, review of revised final site and building plans for the National Law Enforcement Museum was moved from the open session to the consent calendar, meaning no presentation was given.

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The National Mall - Irrigation, Drainage, Water Collection, and Re-landscaping (Phases II and III)
(File number 7110)

The National Capital Planning Commission approved preliminary and final site development plans for irrigation, drainage, water collection, and re-landscaping on the National Mall as submitted by the National Park Service. NCPC approved Phase 1 of this project, since constructed, in February 2011 under the title "Reconstruction of the Turf and Soil on the National Mall." Phases 2 and 3 encompass the lawn panels between 7th and 14th Streets, NW.

Currently, soil on the Mall is highly compacted and drains poorly, and turf is worn. The three phase project includes removing and replacing the top soil, adding a drainage layer, re-grading the surface, adding a slight crown in the center, replacing the irrigation system, and adding 18-inch-wide shallow curbs made of White Mount Airy granite. Improving turf conditions is a priority of the National Mall Plan, which also recommends widening the Mall's walkways to better accommodate large public events and national celebrations.

In its approval NCPC noted that it is desirable for the National Park Service to consider meeting 100 percent of its irrigation needs through expanded cisterns. It also noted that its approval should not preclude consideration of more ambitious plans to accommodate stormwater activity control methods and potential bus parking.

See Commission Action, Recommendation, and FONSI

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Arlington National Cemetery Millennium Project
(File number 7457)

NCPC provided comments to the U.S. Department of the Army on concept plans for site and building plans for Arlington National Cemetery's Millennium Project. In this plan the Army proposes to expand the cemetery on a 26-acre site that will provide space for casket burial sections, in-ground sites for cremated remains, and columbarium niche courts and walls. This expansion will allow the cemetery to remain active for an additional seven to twelve years. The submitted plans reflect ongoing efforts to reduce adverse effects to the Arlington House Woods and mitigation measures including stream restoration within the Woods.

Among its comments NCPC directed the Army to continue refining the design to minimize harm and provide appropriate mitigation through consultation as required by the National Historic Preservation Act; and to explore further ways to reduce tree loss by decreasing the width of the road near Arlington House Woods, planting trees at Joint Base Myer Henderson Hall or on National Park Service property, or by other means.

See Commission Action and Recommendation

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Consent Calendar: The Commission votes on Consent Calendar items without staff presentations or public testimony.

Delegated Decisions: Projects for which the Commission delegated decision-making authority to the Chairman, Executive Committee, or Executive Director.