September 6, 2012

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Memorial to Victims of Ukrainian Manmade Famine of 1932-1933
(File number 6863)

The National Capital Planning Commission (NCPC) approved preliminary and final site development plans for the Memorial to Victims of the Ukrainian Manmade Famine of 1932-1933. The National Park Service submitted the plans on behalf of the Government of Ukraine.

The memorial will be on Reservation 78, an approximately 3,100 square foot triangular site located one block west of Union Station at the intersection of Massachusetts Avenue, NW; F Street, NW, and North Capitol Street. It will be one block southeast of the Memorial to Victims of Communism.

The memorial design met six design guidelines NCPC established during the environmental review conducted as part of the Commission's approval of the memorial site in 2008. Guidelines included creating a successful and functional public space; incorporating significant green elements; integrating the site’s apex with the adjacent historic building; and remaining open and integrated into the surrounding built environment and rights of way.

The memorial will include a six-foot tall bronze sculptural wall that runs approximately 34 feet in length. It includes a bas relief of wheat that gradually recedes into the wall, as well as a five foot long panel to the right of the sculptural element with a short dedication and text about the event and its victims. The back of the wall facing F Street, NW features a sculptural element with a pattern reminiscent of 1930's Ukrainian textile patterns.

The memorial also includes a 1,155 square-foot plaza, facing Massachusetts Avenue, paved with slate in a pattern that mimics a plowed field. It is bordered by a low retaining wall that also serves as a bench; and two planting areas. A path will connect it to F Street.

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