October 4, 2012

Consent Calendar
The Commission will vote on Consent Calendar items without staff presentations or public testimony.

7411: The Yards, Southeast Federal Center - Parcel N

Project Information [PDF 24.4 MB]

Commission Action Recommendation

7413: Transfer of jurisdiction of a triangular portion of land bordered by Constitution Avenue, NW, Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, and the National Gallery of Art, West Building

Project Information [PDF 1.5 MB]

Commission Action Recommendation


Projects for which the Commission delegated decision-making authority to the Chairman or Executive Director.

7326: Preliminary and final site and building plans for the Intelligence Community Campus-Bethesda – Site Improvements - Phase 1 (North Campus).

7412: Preliminary and final site and building plans for a temporary screening facility on the southwest lawn of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building at 1650 Pennsylvania Avenue NW.

7417: Concept design for the modernization of Ballou Senior High School located at 3401 4th Street SE.

ZC 11-24: Proposed consolidated Planned Unit Development and related map amendment for the Hine Junior High School redevelopment on Square 901, Lot 801