May 3, 2012

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Albert V. Bryan United States Courthouse
(File number 3048)

The Commission approved preliminary and final site development plans for the installation of permanent physical security elements at the Courthouse that includes bollards, reinforced garden walls, and retractable bollards. Also included in this proposal is an expansion of the sidewalk area along the Jamieson Avenue side of the building and a new sidewalk area along the Courthouse Square South side of the building.

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United States Museum of the Army
(File number 7094)

NCPC approved final building plans for the National Museum of the United States Army on the North Post of Fort Belvoir in Fairfax County, Virginia. The Army intends to submit the final site plans for the Museum at a later date in tandem with the reconfiguration of the adjacent golf course.

The museum building and campus will be constructed in phases and will initially consist of an approximately 187,292 gross square foot museum building, landscaping, and parking. Later phases will include additional exhibit space and other exterior features. The museum is expected to attract an average of 740,000 visitors in the first year and 600,000 visitors in a stabilized year. The Museum of the Army is anticipated for opening in 2015.

Commission Presentation [PDF 6.4MB]

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Information Presentation:
Southwest Ecodistrict Initiative Update

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