December 6, 2012

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James J. Rowley Training Center - Master Plan
(File number MP63)

The National Capital Planning Commission (NCPC) approved the final master plan for the U.S. Secret Service's James J. Rowley Training Center located in Laurel, Maryland. The 439-acre site is the primary training facility for Secret Service personnel. The master plan provides a development framework for the next 10-15 years and replaces one from 1996. It calls for a maximum of 36 new projects including new administrative space, classroom and training space, 350 new parking spaces, utility upgrades, stormwater management, and wetland mitigation. It anticipates the increase of onsite employees, instructors, and students from 333 to 660.

In its comments the Commission required the U.S. Secret Service to submit a Transportation Management Plan prior to any future submissions in the center that would either increase the population or number of parking spaces, or increase the number of trips to the facility. Among other comments the Commission also required the applicant to include a detailed forest conservation plan, as well as include a detailed Stormwater Management Plan, in any future site and building plan submissions.

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Information Presentation:
Region Forward
(File number 7101)

Outgoing Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments Executive Director David Robertson updated the Commission on Region Forward, a vision for a more accessible, sustainable, prosperous, and livable National Capital Region.

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Information Presentation:
Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority's New Strategic Plan, Momentum
(File number 7451)

Shyam Kannan from the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority then presented a progress report on Momentum, Metro's new strategic plan. No actions are taken on information presentations.

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