June 3, 2010

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Reconstruction of Turf and Soil in the National Mall’s Three Eastern Most Center Panels
(File Number 7110)

The Commission commented favorably on the National Park Service’s concept design proposal for the first phase of reconstructing the National Mall’s center lawn panels. Through three phases the Park Service proposes to replace and reengineer the panels’ lawn and soil, install a new irrigation system that relies on below ground cisterns, and add curbs for the panels. The first phase includes three panels, extending from 3rd Street to 7th Street, NW. The Park Service anticipates starting construction on this first phase in the spring of 2011. The second phase includes center panels from 7th to 12th Streets, and phase three includes center panels from 12th to 14th Streets.

Currently soil on the Mall is highly compacted, turf is worn, and the lawn drains poorly. Improving these conditions is a priority of the National Mall Plan. The proposal includes removing and replacing the top soil, adding a drainage layer, re-grading the surface, adding a slight crown in the center, harvesting rainwater through a new gutter system and underground cisterns, replacing the irrigation system, and adding 18-inch-wide shallow curbs made of White Mount Airy granite or precast concrete around the three panels. In its comments the Commission recommended that the Park Service use granite for the curbs. NCPC’s comments do not constitute an approval action, and the project will return to the Commission for preliminary and final review.

See the Commission Action and Staff Recommendation

Fort Dupont Park Transfer of Jurisdiction
(File Number 6887)

The Commission approved the National Park Service’s proposal to transfer jurisdiction of approximately 15-acres of land in Fort Dupont Park to the District of Columbia for recreation purposes. This parcel is located in the northern portion of the park and is bounded by Ely Place, Minnesota Avenue, and Ridge Road, SE. It currently houses the Fort Dupont Ice Arena, two baseball diamonds, a multipurpose field, tennis and basketball courts, and surface parking.

Following transfer the land would be used for expansion of the Fort Dupont Ice Arena and construction of a youth baseball academy. The underlying land would remain titled in the United States. In its approval the Commission noted that any projects developed on this transferred land would need to be submitted to NCPC for review before construction.

See the Commission Action, Staff Recommendation, and FONSI

Veterans Affairs Medical Center Domiciliary
(File Number 7115)

Lastly, the Commission provided comments on concept designs for a 38,000-square foot, three-story, 77 bed Domiciliary at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Northwest, Washington, DC. Located on the northeastern portion of the campus, the Domiciliary would primarily be used for transitioning homeless veterans. It would also house a work therapy program and a medical clinic.

In its comments NCPC required that proposed parking spaces located east of the Domiciliary be removed from the concept design, that additional landscaping be added between the building and North Capitol Street, that utilities proposed southeast of the facility be relocated, and that retaining walls on the eastern side of the project be minimized. The Domiciliary project will return before the Commission for preliminary and final review.

See the Commission Action and Staff Recommendation

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