December 2, 2010

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National Mall Plan
(File number 7060)

The National Capital Planning Commission unanimously approved the final National Mall Plan. Submitted and developed by the National Park Service (NPS), the plan is a comprehensive long-term stewardship and management framework that will provide an overall vision for the approximately 684-acre symbolic landscape that serves as America’s preeminent civic gathering place.

The plan provides guidance for the Mall’s cultural and natural resources as well as improvement of its physical condition. It aims to improve the overall visitor experience, create and improve sites for national celebrations and special events, and accommodate First Amendment demonstrations. Improved pedestrian and cycling paths, new transit services, and other improvements will facilitate access and mobility. New signs will better serve visitors, as will new information kiosks, new and improved restrooms, and new food services. The plan calls for additional facilities for recreation and entertainment and seeks to create an overall identity for the National Mall as a year-round destination.

The Commission’s approval allows the National Park Service to move forward with implementation of recommendations put forth in the plan. A possible next step is the development of a design competition for Union Square, the area connecting the National Mall with the U.S. Capitol Complex.

The National Mall Plan complements other current planning efforts including NCPC and CFA’s Monumental Core Framework Plan, the District’s Center City Action Agenda, and the U.S. Capitol Complex Master Plan developed by the Architect of the Capitol.

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The National Park Service's Record of Decision (ROD) and Section 106 Programmatic Agreement (PA) for the National Mall Plan are available online, as is a 40-page summary of the plan.

Federal Triangle Building Identification Signs
(File number 7182)

The Commission provided favorable comments on plans submitted by the General Services Administration (GSA) to add twenty-six exterior signs for seven buildings it owns or manages in the Federal Triangle, with the exception of the proposed sign locations. NCPC recommended that GSA continue working with NCPC staff, the U.S. Commission of Fine Arts, and the DC State Historic Preservation Officer to determine the best locations for the new signage.

The new signs will replace existing signage at the Department of Commerce, Ronald Reagan International Trade Center, Ariel Rios Building, Old Post Office Pavilion, Internal Revenue Service, Department of Justice, and the Federal Trade Commission. The signs would be constructed of double-sided aluminum and be dark bronze in color. Lettering and symbols would have a lighter bronze silkscreen. Each sign would be 9’ tall, 2’ 6” wide, and 3” thick. The project is expected to come back before the Commission for preliminary and final review in 2011.

See the Commission Action and Staff Recommendation

Office of the Chief of Army Reserve New Administration Building, Fort Belvoir
(File number 7179/7075)

U.S. Army Legal Services Administration and Army Audit Agency New Administration Building, Fort Belvoir
(File number 7180/7075)

The Commission approved preliminary site and building plans, except for the proposed parking, for two new administration facilities at Fort Belvoir. NCPC deferred action on the parking until the Department of the Army prepares and submits a Transportation Management Plan that analyzes existing parking capacity within 2,000 feet of each facility.

The first facility will house 433 employees of the Office of the Chief of Army Reserve in an 88,470 square foot building. The second will house 420 employees of the United States Army Legal Services Administration and Army Audit Agency in a 97,300 square foot square foot building. Both operations are moving to Fort Belvoir as a result of the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure recommendations (BRAC).

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