November 5, 2009

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National Mall Wayfinding Pylons Color Scheme
(File Number 6910)

The National Capital Planning Commission approved the National Park Service’s proposed monochromatic (gray) color scheme for pedestrian guide wayfinding pylons for the National Mall and East Potomac Park.

The new signs are part of a comprehensive plan to better communicate information to a variety of audiences visiting the Mall and East Potomac Park. Two sizes of pylons will be installed: 9’2” pylons at major path and road intersections and 5’6” pylons at minor path intersections, in open areas near memorials, and at other locations in need of wayfinding signage.

The Commission had approved final site development plans for the fabrication and installation of the pylons and map kiosks at its July meeting, but deferred final approval of the pylon panel colors pending further study and consultation with the National Park Service and the U.S. Commission Fine Arts.

The pedestrian guide wayfinding pylons and map kiosks are one of three parts of the Park Service’s comprehensive wayfinding and sign program. In May of this year the Commission approved preliminary and final site development plans for the installation of a UniGuide sign system for NPS facility identification signs, and rules and regulation signs. A third component, monument identification signs, has not yet been submitted for review.

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