April 2, 2009

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Monumental Core Framework Plan: Connecting New Destinations with the National Mall
(File Number 6629)

The National Capital Planning Commission unanimously adopted the Monumental Core Framework Plan: Connecting New Destinations with the National Mall. A joint product of NCPC and the U.S. Commission of Fine Arts, the Framework Plan envisions the development of popular destinations close to existing attractions near the National Mall. New development could include areas for memorials, museums, and gathering places, along with revitalized federal precincts and new private development. These vibrant areas should both draw people from the Mall into the city and down to the waterfront, as well as provide new opportunities for celebration, commemoration, and recreation. The plan focuses on federal property in four areas—the Southwest Rectangle, Potomac Park, Northwest Rectangle, and the Federal Triangle.

The Commission’s action directs staff to use the plan as a basis when evaluating and making recommendations for development proposals that go beyond the routine maintenance of public buildings, and proposals for improvements to parks, public spaces, and public transportation. All applicants will be advised to use the plan as a guide when developing future development proposals. The Framework Plan will also be used as a guide for staff when providing input into federal, local, and private planning studies and reports.

Adoption of the plan directs staff to begin working on key action priorities including those related to the Federal Walk, street level uses in the monumental core, and feasibility studies for the redevelopment of 10th Street, SW and Maryland Avenue, SW.

Recommendations from the plan should be used when developing or amending future NCPC planning studies and reports. Staff will report back to the Commission annually on the status of the Framework Plan’s key action priorities.

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