January 8, 2004

Pennsylvania Avenue at the White House
(File Number 6132)

The Commission approved the final paving materials for the security and landscape project on Pennsylvania Avenue at the White House. The central portion of the Avenue and the full lengths of Jackson and Madison Places will be paved with a durable, stabilized synthetic asphalt of a reddish-brown tone. The sidewalks of Jackson and Madison Places will be expanded to narrow the street between the two rows of bollards and a six-inch asphalt paver block will be used for the expanded sidewalk on Jackson and Madison Places. Similar in tone to the synthetic pavement, the paver should help to maintain visual continuity along the street. Improvements to the historic Avenue are expected to be completed in time for the 2005 Inaugural Parade.

See the Commission Action and Staff Recommendation

Department of Transportation Headquarters
(File Numbers Z.C. 03-05, 6419)

The Commission approved preliminary site and building plans for two concession buildings on Bacon and French Drives; and final site and building plans for a perimeter security retaining wall around Memorial Circle. The National Park Service revised the roof form of the concession buildings and provided further detail on the retaining wall in response to concerns that the Commission expressed during its December 2003 review of this project. The concession buildings, to be used for food service, have been appropriately redesigned and will be consistent with the style of existing stands. The retaining wall, which will be installed around the north, west, and south sides of the Memorial Circle, will consist of granite that matches the memorial.

See the Commission Action for Z.C. 03-05 and 6419 and the Staff Recommendation

Department of Energy
(File Number 6382)

The Commission approved preliminary and final site development plans for security enhancements at the Department of Energy facility in Germantown, Maryland. A chain-link fence surrounds most of the facility, but does not cover the north and south entrances. Security plans for these entrances include a bollard line, hidden within a hedgerow of deciduous and evergreen shrubbery. In addition to the screened bollards, a 36-inch-high security wall will be located along the east side of the main complex. Extending approximately 500 feet, the wall will incorporate seating for casual use on its inside face.

See the Commission Action and Staff Recommendation

Southeast Federal Center Redevelopment
(File Numbers Z.C. 03-06 and 6420)

The Commission concluded that the text and map amendments to add the Southeast Federal Center Overlay to the D.C. Zoning Regulations and Map would not adversely affect federal interests and recommended that NCPC be included as a referral agency in the special exception process for the Southeast Federal Center Overlay. The Commission made several recommendations to GSA, including the need to reestablish the historic L’Enfant rights-of-way; to accommodate a commemorative work on Parcel P; and to ensure public accessibility along the Anacostia Waterfront.

See the Commission Action for Z.C. 03-06 and 6420 and the Staff Recommendation

Arthur Capper/Carrollsburg HOPE VI Redevelopment Project
(File Numbers Z.C. 03-12 and Z.C. 03-13)

The Commission commented to the D.C. Zoning Commission on the Arthur Capper/Carrollsburg HOPE VI Redevelopment Project, which will replace an existing public housing complex with new townhouses, condominiums, apartments, and senior housing between M Street, SE and the Southeast Freeway. The Commission concluded that, except for Senior Housing Building 2, the first stage Planned Unit Development and related map amendment and the Consolidated Planned Unit Development would not adversely affect federal interests. The Commission made recommendations for improving Senior Housing Building 2 and providing landscaping along M Street and New Jersey Avenue.

The Commission also recommended that the Zoning Commission confirm that the portions of Canal Street and Reservation 17A that are north of the reconstructed I Street are not included in the PUDs, will not be closed, and will not be affected by the development. The Commission recommended commencement of the Section 5 review for the Consolidated PUD be done as soon as possible and that Section 5 review for the remainder of the project be done concurrently with the second stage PUD. Finally, the Commission suggested amending the use restriction on Reservation 17A, making it consistent with the residential and highway uses planned for the project.

See the Commission Action and the Staff Recommendation

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Delegated Decisions: Projects for which the Commission delegated decision-making authority to the Chairman, Executive Committee, or Executive Director.