Southwest Ecodistrict

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Project Overview and Planning Context

Project Overview [PDF 1.4MB]
Executive Order 13514 [PDF 45KB]
Mission, Goals & Objectives [PDF 55KB]
Targets and Indicators [PDF 137KB]
Weblinks to References [PDF 38KB]
2D Aerial SW Ecodistrict [PDF 173KB]
3D Aerial SWEcodistrict [PDF 454KB]
Map 5A [PDF 1.9MB]
Map 5B [PDF 1.3MB]
Map 7 [PDF 592KB]
Map 10 [PDF 1MB]

Initial Findings

SWOC Summary Findings and Notes [PDF 363KB]
February 2 2010 Public Scoping Meeting
Open Discussion Summary
[PDF 20KB]
February 17 2011 Public Scoping Meeting #2
Public Comment Summary
[PDF 56KB]

Natural Resources

Pervious and Impervious Surfaces [PDF 700KB]
Watershed and Floodplain Map [PDF 1.2MB]
Topography Map [PDF 1.6MB]
Urban Tree Canopy [PDF 200KB]





Connectivity and Urban Design

Existing and Historic Right-of-Way Widths
[PDF 870KB]
Metro Rail and Commuter Rail Lines [PDF 632KB]
Bus Lines and Bus Stops [PDF 447KB]
Bicycle and Pedestrian Amenities [PDF 1.2MB]
Pedestrian Counts and Street Connectivity
[PDF 684KB]
Barriers and Broken Linkages [PDF 1.1MB]

Cultural, Civic and Historic Institutions

Area Parks and Open Space [PDF 912KB]
Parks and Open Space by Type [PDF 836KB]
Access to Parks (CapitalSpace) [PDF 2.3MB]
Historic Resources [PDF 493KB]
Cultural, Learning and Entertainment Destinations
[PDF 2.5MB]
Health and Safety Services [PDF 2.3MB]
Historic Viewsheds [PDF 914MB]
History of Federal Buildings [PDF 1.45MB]