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NCPC advocates the design and placement of federal commemorative works—which may be statues, gardens, museums, or memorials of other forms—in a manner that enhances the capital of our nation.

Commemorative Themes

The Washington as Commemoration study explores the themes represented in Washington’s commemorative landscape.

NCPC and the National Park Service are:

  • Identifying major themes and subthemes of commemorations in Washington, DC.
  • Developing a commemorative works database of historical and factual information.
  • Examining how other capital cities address commemorative themes.

Finding New Sites

The study of commemorative themes builds upon NCPC's Memorials and Museums Master Plan. This project identifies new sites throughout the capital and presents approaches to make them more suitable for commemorative works.

This work helps ensure that future generations will appreciate our history and have prime locations for new museums and memorials.



Washington's Peer Cities

As part of the Washington as Commemoration study, NCPC and the National Park Service are researching practices for establishing commemoration in cities around the world. While the research is not scientific, it is intended to place Washington’s practice for establishing commemoration on federal lands within a comparative context. 

A short summary document, “Key Findings,” is posted below, followed by detailed case studies. Each summarizes the policies and processes involved with commemoration in each city. This research is ongoing; and additional case studies may be added. 

An informational presentation on the study was given at NCPC's October 7 Commission meeting.

Join the Conversation

Commemoration in the nation's capital deserves a thorough public discussion, and we want to hear from you. NCPC's draft catalog of memorials, monuments, and other works provides a starting point for that conversation.

The catalog is an initial effort to develop a comprehensive list of subjects and themes commemorated on federal land within the capital.

The preliminary catalog is a working document. Let us know how we can improve it.