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FCIP Reports
FY 2014-2019
FY2014-2019 FCIP Report
FY 2013-2018
FY2013-2018 FCIP Report
FY 2012-2017
FY2012-2017 FCIP Report
FY 2011-2016
FY2011-2016 FCIP Report
FY 2010-2015
FY2010-2015 FCIP Report
FY 2009-2014
FY2009-2014 FCIP Report Pentagon Reservation Master Plan, June 2005
Pentagon Reservation Master Plan, June 2005
FY 2008-2013
FY2008-2013 FCIP Report
White Oak Master Plan Update, December 2009



Capital Improvement Planning

What is a Capital Improvement Plan?

Capital improvement plans provide a link between the visions articulated by comprehensive plans and annual capital expenditure budgets. They allow for a systematic, simultaneous evaluation of potential projects. They also facilitate coordination among the units of government that are responsible for project implementation.

A capital improvement is a substantial, nonrecurring expenditure for a physical improvement with a long useful life. Specific criteria vary across jurisdictions. It is necessary to consult each plan for a precise definition.

NCPC coordinates capital improvement planning within the National Capital Region at federal and local levels, including the District of Columbia.

Federal Capital Improvements Program (FCIP)

The National Capital Planning Act charges NCPC with the annual review of federal capital budgeting proposals for projects slated for the next 6 years. NCPC evaluates the proposals for consistency with federal and local planning policies and prioritizes projects. The analyses and recommendations are compiled in the FCIP report, which is submitted to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for use in preparing the President's annual budget.

On November 13, 2013 the Commission submitted the Federal Capital Improvements Program for the National Capital Region, Fiscal Years 2014-2019, to OMB for use in its preparation of the President's annual budget.

Through this document the agency provides OMB with NCPC's planning and funding recommendations for federal public works over a six year period.

Questions about the Federal Capital Improvements Program should be directed to or 202-482-7237.

FCIP preparation schedule »

Each agency must prepare its submission in accordance with the posted instructions and meet the deadlines for submitting program materials. Download instructions »

Local Capital Improvements Programs

As part of its authority to guide the long-range development of the National Capital Region, NCPC reviews capital improvement plans prepared by the primary county and city jurisdictions within the region. NCPC identifies whether the plans will create adverse impacts on a federal interest and notifies the respective jurisdiction during the plan's public comment period.


Montgomery County

FY 2013 Recommended Capital Budget and FY 2013-2018 Capital Improvements Program »
NCPC response (May 30, 2012) »

Prince George's County

Proposed Capital Budget & Program Fiscal Year 2014-2019 »
NCPC response (May 15, 2013) »


City of Alexandria

Proposed FY 2013-2022 Capital Improvement Program »
NCPC Response to Proposed CIP (April 05, 2012) »

Arlington County

Arlington County prepares a six-year Capital Improvement Program every other year.
FY 2011-2016 Adopted CIP »
NCPC Response to Proposed CIP (July 23, 2010) »

Fairfax County

Fairfax County prepares a five-year Capital Improvements Program annually.
FY 2012-2016 Advertised Capital Improvements Program »
NCPC Response (March 10, 2011) »

Loudoun County

Fiscal Year 2014 Budget »
NCPC response (April 15, 2013) »

Prince William County

Proposed FY 2013-2018 Capital Improvement Program »
NCPC response (April 05, 2012) »

District of Columbia

NCPC has a more specific obligation to review the District of Columbia Multi-Year Capital Improvement Plan (DCCIP). As specified in the National Capital Planning Act, the District submits its six-year plan to NCPC each spring for review. NCPC has 30 days to comment.

The DCCIP is sometimes reviewed in two parts, one of which is devoted entirely to District Department of Transportation projects.

Year Staff Recommendations Commission Actions
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2009-2014 DCCIP
Highway Trust Fund
Highway Trust Fund
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Highway Trust Fund
Highway Trust Fund
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Highway Trust Fund

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