2003 News Releases

Statement by NCPC Chairman John V. Cogbill, III Commemorative Works Clarification and Revision Act of 2003
November 20, 2003 >>

NCPC Hosts Nine Capital Cities at International Policy Forum in Washington
October 23, 2003 >>

Commission Approves Final Design for Pennsylvania Avenue at the White House
September 4, 2003 >>

Commission Hosts Advanced Technology Training for Historically Black College and University Faculty
August 11, 2003 >>

Commission Reviews Designs for Pennsylvania Avenue at the White House, the Washington Monument, and the Pentagon Memorial Honoring 9-11 Victims
June 5, 2003 >>

New NCPC Study Highlights Potential Scenarios for Revitalizing South Capitol Street Corridor
June 5, 2003 >>

Commission’s Security & Design Plan Receives Top National Award
April 4, 2003 >>

Commission Unanimously Approves Concept Design for Pennsylvania Avenue in Front of the White House
March 12, 2003 >>