Our blog highlights viewpoints from various experts and community stakeholders regarding building heights in Washington, DC.

July 25, 2013
|By Tanya Stern, DCOP

As part of the joint Congressionally-requested Height Master Plan currently underway, the DC Office of Planning (OP) hired consultant teams to develop two of the three studies that comprise the Height Master Plan.  

July 24, 2013
|By William H. Herbig, NCPC

On Wednesday, July 24 a special work session with members of the National Capital Planning Commission formally kicked-off phase 2 of the Height Master Plan. This gathering made way for the next wave of public meetings that will engage citizens in a meaningful conversation on the future shape, form, and character of our nation’s capital.

July 3, 2013

London. Paris. Barcelona. Vancouver. San Francisco. Just the name of each city conjures up vastly different images. Read more about these exciting cities and how building height polices shape city identity.

June 28, 2013
|By William H. Herbig, NCPC

We're excited to post our first Height Master Plan video. In four minutes, the film includes just about everything you’d want to know about the project. Go ahead and share it with your friends, neighbors, and colleagues.

June 27, 2013
|By Andrew Peng, NCPC

We’ve just wrapped up the first round of public meetings for the Height Master Plan, where we outlined the scope and schedule of the study, and reviewed other cities’ tactics in shaping their skylines.

May 9, 2013
|By William H. Herbig, NCPC

The National Capital Planning Commission and the District of Columbia Office of Planning have engaged consultant teams and started various studies to help inform the development of recommendations that will be presented to Congress later this fall.

May 6, 2013
|By Tanya Stern, DCOP

There have been some recent news stories and blog posts noting the sighting of tethered balloons over Arlington National Cemetery and the National Arboretum in the last couple of weeks.  

April 26, 2013
|By William Herbig, NCPC

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