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July 25, 2013
Tanya Stern, DCOP

As part of the joint Congressionally-requested Height Master Plan currently underway, the DC Office of Planning (OP) hired consultant teams to develop two of the three studies that comprise the Height Master Plan.  Partners for Economic Solutions Ied the development of the District’s Economic Feasibility Analysis that examined feasibility of developing buildings at various height level alternatives citywide and at several illustrative submarkets in the District based on an examination of construction costs, market conditions and other factors.  The study also developed economic projections of the potential impacts of building at taller heights.  Skidmore, Owings and Merrill, LLP, led the team that developed the District of Columbia Height Modeling Study. The Modeling Study is a visual analysis of height alternatives in locations throughout the District to identify the potential impacts of these changes on the city’s form, including its skyline, its most significant public spaces and streetscapes, and views to and from the city’s most iconic structures such as the U.S. Capitol Building.  The modeling study also included an update of the District of Columbia’s 3D GIS data for buildings in the District.

The modeling study and the economic feasibility analysis were conducted as independent studies with a focus on their particular scopes. Both studies along with the Phase 1 case studies of how other cities have managed height and, most importantly, feedback from the public on these analyses will help us determine how we should move forward in responding to Congress’ charge to the District and NCPC to examine how the federal Height Act will serve the city over the next 100 years.

Chief of Staff & Project Manager
DC Office of Planning