Let’s talk about it (again)…

July 24, 2013
William H. Herbig, NCPC

On Wednesday, July 24 a special work session with members of the National Capital Planning Commission formally kicked-off phase 2 of the Height Master Plan.

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This gathering made way for the next wave of public meetings that will engage citizens in a meaningful conversation on the future shape, form, and character of our nation’s capital.

This round of public meetings will focus specifically on the results of the District’s visual modeling study and economic feasibility analysis, and will ask for your input on various approaches to managing building height here in Washington. The first session takes place on Saturday, August 3, with four more scheduled for August 6, 7, 10, and 13. You are welcome to attend any of the five meetings; each will follow a similar format and agenda. I will post supplementary materials for the meetings shortly if you want to familiarize yourself beforehand. So, check back in the next few days.

For those unable attend an August meeting, or who live outside of the National Capital Region, I am working on an online session scheduled for early September, and will post more about this opportunity soon.

As I've mentioned before, an undertaking of this scope requires the voices of neighbors, business owners, developers, designers, and citizens from across the nation. I look forward to continuing our robust conversation.

National Capital Planning Commission


The map that NCPC uses in Approach 4 to show areas under consideration for having height caps removed is too small to see street names. Can you please provide a map that can be enlarged to show street names to determine exactly which areas are under consideration in Approach 4? Thank you.
Laura, you are correct that the map is small. I suggest that use the following link, navigate to page 16, and then zoom all the way in: While the street names are not included in the map, you may get a better idea of the areas considered in DCOP’s modeling work. In the meantime, I will check with the District to see if we can get a map posted with major streets identified.