Postcards from the Future

June 27, 2013
Andrew Peng, NCPC

We’ve just wrapped up the first round of public meetings for the Height Master Plan, where we outlined the scope and schedule of the study, and reviewed other cities’ tactics in shaping their skylines. Our favorite part, though, was getting to hear your opinions on how the nation’s capital should look in the future.

We asked meeting attendees to answer questions and provide comments on the study—but a conversation on the future shape and form of our city is inherently visual, so we provided an opportunity for visual input as well.

Postcards are meant to capture the quintessential character of a place, so we asked you to “Draw or describe Washington’s postcard image of the future.”

Some sketched complex, labelled diagrams of building clusters and streetscapes; others provided simple outlines of the existing District skyline punctuated by national monuments. While each varied in form, they all proved to us that there are myriad approaches to designing our city. And, that the shape of DC’s future skyline is of significant importance—to its residents, commuters, and citizens near and far.



No Name Christopher Brown Janet Quigley Molly Hahn Peter Kauffman
Annemarie Gray Dan Guilbeault Emily Allen Brenda Lee Richardson Payton Chung
Paul Thistle John Heermans Joseph, Petworth Ibtihaal, NoMa/Riggs Park Stephen Crim


To see all of the postcards from the future and Phase 1 public comments, check-out the booklet of complied comment >>


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