We should meet and talk about it…

May 9, 2013
William H. Herbig, NCPC

A conversation with design leaders from Europe kicked-off the Height Master Plan back in March. The National Capital Planning Commission and the District of Columbia Office of Planning have engaged consultant teams and started various studies to help inform the development of recommendations that will be presented to Congress later this fall.

Join us at the first round of public meeting to learn about the height studies underway, starting Monday, May 13, with three more on May 13, June 4 and June 6.

An undertaking of this scope needs ideas and feedback from many viewpoints - it requires the voices of neighbors, business owners, developers, designers, and citizens from across the nation. In the coming weeks we will begin a robust conversation on the shape and form of the nation’s capital. At the public meetings we will update you on the scope and schedule of the study; outline how other cities manage building height; and ask for your input on how to evaluate possible changes to federal building height limits.  Most importantly, we’ve structured the meetings so the majority of the agenda will be focused on conversations with you. 

You can attend all four meetings but you don’t have to: each meeting will follow the same format. I will post the draft meeting agenda and feedback questions shortly.

There are more meetings to come, with the next round of public meetings anticipated for late July. 

I look forward to talking with you in person starting next week.


National Capital Planning Commission