June 2008

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National Capital Framework Plan to be Unveiled in July

While the National Mall is a treasure enjoyed by millions, some of its adjacent areas do not befit their important location in the nation's capital. To transform these places into great public spaces, NCPC and the U.S. Commission of Fine Arts are developing the National Capital Framework Plan. This effort proposes creating exciting new destinations and cultural attractions off the Mall that will enhance the vibrancy of the capital city while preserving the Mall's treasured open space.

At a special 10:00 a.m. session on Thursday, July 10, staff will request that the Commission approve the draft National Capital Framework Plan: Destinations and Connections Beyond the National Mall for release for a 90-day public comment and review period. The plan will be available on our website and hard copies can be requested by emailing info@ncpc.gov.

Also on July 10, during the agency's regularly scheduled monthly Commission meeting beginning at 12:30 p.m., Commissioners will review several proposed projects, including the Armed Forces Retirement Home Master Plan. The Tentative Agenda of items that the Commission may review is currently available via the Commission Meetings section of the NCPC website, as are Commission Actions from previous meetings.

Greening the World's Capital Cities

During the week of September 14, the nation’s capital will be the host city for the 2008 Capitals Alliance conference. Participants will learn how urban areas are utilizing sustainability, green architecture, and public involvement to create more environmentally friendly cities around the world. The conference brings together renowned leaders in sustainability from across the globe to discuss important topics such as “Planning for Sustainability,” “What it Means to be Green,” and “Capital Cities Leading the Way.” To learn more please visit www.capitalsalliance.org. To RSVP for a session please email capitalsalliance@ncpc.gov.

Flood Prevention Solution in Sight

NCPC is working with the National Park Service, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and the District of Columbia government to ensure that upgrades to the Potomac Park Levee on the National Mall are in place by November 2009. The deadline is part of an agreement with FEMA to rescind its September 2008 date for putting proposed floodplain maps into effect that would have declared a large portion of downtown and the Mall as part of a 100-year flood zone. NCPC recently hosted a meeting to publicly present actions to improve the levee system.

CapitalSpace Public Preview

Through the CapitalSpace initiative, NCPC, the National Park Service, and the District of Columbia government are addressing the challenges faced by the numerous local and federal parks located in Washington, DC. To help keep the public informed of the latest developments, they launched www.capitalspace.gov. The site contains a great deal of information, including plans and details from public meetings. At the most recent public meeting attendees examined recommendations for park sites in Washington’s center city, the Fort Circle Parks (former Civil War forts that ring the city), and Lansburgh Park in southwestern Washington.

Federal Capital Improvements

Each year NCPC compiles a Federal Capital Improvements Program (FCIP) for projects proposed by federal agencies in the National Capital Region for the upcoming six fiscal years. NCPC makes recommendations on the projects based on their consistency (conformance) with federal and local planning policies. These recommendations are then forwarded to the Office of Management and Budget. The current FCIP (FY’s 2009 – 2014), consisting of 163 projects submitted by 11 federal agencies, is currently being circulated to local and federal government agencies and interested citizens for review and comment. It is available for review at www.ncpc.gov or by contacting stacy.wood@ncpc.gov.

Share Your Thoughts

NCPC offers many opportunities for the public to participate in its work. Every month members of the public are invited to speak on projects that are before the Commission for review, as well as comment on a variety of plans and activities. Visit our Public Participation page to learn more.

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